Welcome to knowmoresayyes 🙂 

Knowmoresayyes is a movement towards authenticity. It’s about KNOWING ourselves more intimately, healing the things that have lead to behaving in ways that are not true to our true self, aligning to our true selves and from that place, saying YES to the desires of our hearts, YES to the things that light us up inside and that spark joy. It’s a place of fun, exploration and of TRANSFORMATION 🙂

About me:
I’m Renae. I’m trained as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist and Energy Therapist and have worked in the welfare and counselling field for my entire adult life. I’m also a single mum of two children, aged 7 and almost 3 and I have an adult step-daughter. I like to create stuff, paint, music. I also like to do stuff, travel, beach, adventure. I believe that those things are much better when shared with others. I totally believe that people can change and that they have everything within them to do so, but some support, guidance and techniques can help as this is always new territory! Also a believer in the law of attraction, that healing and knowing ourselves, can lead to us living the life we choose. A life that is filled with all the good things. A life filled with ABUNDANCE.

I have been teaching others what I have learnt over the years and offer a range of services in Energy Therapy.

If you feel drawn to working with me, please listen to this and trust it. You know what you need. And really, it would be an honour as it is my passion and desire to support others to grow, transform and fly. I am always amazed at the changes I see in others. I can’t wait to see them in you too.

If you want to join me in the movement towards knowing more and saying yes, you can get in touch through the contact page, Facebook or Instagram. Or, if you’re local, join me in person at these fun events.

Get ready to fly high and be free 🙂



Energy Healing Mastery (Graduated 2016)
Online through the Mindvalley Academy
Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy and Counselling (Graduated 2009)
University of Ballarat, Victoria
Specialist Couple Counselling Course (Completed in 2009)
Relationships Australia, Victoria
Bachelor Arts Rural Social Welfare (Graduated: 2006)
University of Ballarat
Lifeline Basic Counselling Course       (Completed in 2005)

Thanks for the image Andrea Reiman. Image found on Unsplash