Less to Yes

Originally I started this website with the name “KnowmoresayLESS” (emphasis on the less for the purpose of this article only). The idea being to KNOW ourselves more intimately, align with our true selves, our values and to put LESS energy into things that don’t line up with our true selves. Things that are not authentic. … [Read more…]

Open Your Heart

The heart chakra (Anahata) is the centre of all the chakras with three chakras below and three above. It is where the spiritual and the physical meet and as you probably guessed, it is responsible for the giving and receiving of love.┬áThis weekend I had been stuck in my head and over-thinking. Opening my heart … [Read more…]


I am a mother of two beautiful children. A 6 year old girl Ella and a 2 year old boy Bodhi. I am also a step-mum to a stunning 18 year old girl Lexi. I have the coolest kids in the universe and am so proud of them! But, probably like you if you are … [Read more…]

What is Energy Therapy

Energy is everywhere and is part of everything including people. Those that manipulate these very subtle energies to facilitate balance, harmony and healing are performing Energy Therapy though there are many people that are working with energy without even knowing it! There are different types of Energy Therapy, some which you may be more familiar … [Read more…]