Birth Clearing

Birth is our earliest experience of pain and struggle. Our experience of our birth impacts on our energy and beliefs which are then carried out in life.

A birth clearing resets the energy, unblocking anything in the energy that was imprinted during birth, conception or gestation, this can include beliefs about worth, life direction, power and control or self esteem. This can be for your own birth or the birth of your child, or both depending on what’s coming up for you. Many people are unaware about how these early life experiences can affect us even as adults and sometimes how a birth of our own child can re-traumatise us. Many of our symptoms as adults are from our experiences younger in life that have been reinforced over the years and a lot of times, these can be traced back to birth. Whatever the case, what you bring to the sessions is perfect and exactly what you are ready to release. Birth clearings work best over three sessions which allows for you to share your story, to understand and integrate your experience and how your birth has made you who you are but also allows for Renae to empower you to work with your energy and heal yourself by learning techniques of Energy Clearing.


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Here’s what people say about Renae:
Becky, Fitness and Mindset Mentor, Gold Coast
“Not so long ago I was the woman who thought she wasn’t good enough. I started to question where this limiting belief stemmed from and what tools I needed to shift my thinking from lack to abundance. Abundance in love, community, life, money, career- doing what I absolutely LOVE each day. My questionning led me to Rae who helped me answer these questions and make some changes. It’s all coming together and I believe that we all have the answers inside of ourselves. Thank you Rae for letting me see just how magical I am. I was born to be a leader. Our sessions and the tools you have taught me I will always hold close to my heart.”

Erik, student, Gold Coast
“Wow I don’t know where to even begin.. I felt a connection when I first met Renae. Renae brings out a lot of the good in me and that’s why I can’t help but appreciate her. I am kinda shy and a reserved guy most of the time but I feel like someone else when I talk to Renae, not overthinking just being. Takes me months sometimes to get to this level with others. She hit the nail on the head, letting me know I’m not a failure.. I can be my biggest critic sometimes. I don’t think anyone has believed in me like this! It really motivates me to get through this degree and start making a change just like I have always wanted to. Whatever good I do will partly be thanks to her. She does so much more than what is required of her.. She cares”