Counselling Services and Energy Clearing

For times of transformation and change, whatever that may be for you.
Those who are in the cocoon and ready to break free.

Right now your energy is open and you are ready to let go of the things that once helped you but are no longer serving you to be the person that you know you are deep down. You are ready for some big changes, to be reborn and I am here to support you to self heal, to release patterns of shame or disempowerment, to let go of any survival strategies that you learnt that aren’t supportive to who you truly are, any fear, mistrust, confusion and self-sabotaging behaviours. To enable you to unveil your true self, your worth and to express that to the world.

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Here’s what people say about Renae:
Becky, Fitness and Mindset Mentor, Gold Coast
“Not so long ago I was the woman who thought she wasn’t good enough. I started to question where this limiting belief stemmed from and what tools I needed to shift my thinking from lack to abundance. Abundance in love, community, life, money, career- doing what I absolutely LOVE each day. My questionning led me to Renae who helped me answer these questions and make some changes. It’s all coming together and I believe that we all have the answers inside of ourselves. Thank you Renae for letting me see just how magical I am. I was born to be a leader. Our sessions and the tools you have taught me I will always hold close to my heart.”

Erik, student, Gold Coast
“Wow I don’t know where to even begin.. I felt a connection when I first met Renae. Renae brings out a lot of the good in me and that’s why I can’t help but appreciate her. I am kinda shy and a reserved guy most of the time but I feel like someone else when I talk to Renae, not overthinking just being. Takes me months sometimes to get to this level with others. She hit the nail on the head, letting me know I’m not a failure.. I can be my biggest critic sometimes. I don’t think anyone has believed in me like this! It really motivates me to get through this degree and start making a change just like I have always wanted to. Whatever good I do will partly be thanks to her. She does so much more than what is required of her.. She cares”