Know more say less was born out of a revelation I had about energy.
“Know more” is about understanding more about energy and particularly how my “body” (encompassing all that my body is) receives and expresses that energy. We all have a unique “body” or “operating system”. It’s about deciding to pay more attention to that operating system (me) and understand it’s uniqueness, making choices that honour that so that the energy can manifest more.

“Say less” is a realisation that I was spending a lot of my energy on things that drain the energy out of me, rather than the things that bring more energy in. This includes how I spend my time (time is energy), my money (money is energy), my thoughts (yes this is also energy) and everything that I do, both internally and externally.

Knowmoresayless is a “movement” as energy is everywhere and energy is moving and we can change that energy by the choices we make, the things we say, the actions we take.

Colours have an energy and my choice to use black and white for the website is to focus my energy on the things that I really believe in. Black and white has meaning and is also used metaphorically. It is about my values and being truthful. The black part is also about perceiving the energy around me, but choosing which to let in and pay attention to and also protecting the amount of energy I put out. This is why this movement lends itself to “minimalism”. You can read more about the meaning of black here

The meaning of white is about choosing good and being a reflector for others to reflect their thoughts upon. This website is now white so it is open for you to share any thoughts or feelings but remember the black part too and choose wisely what you say. Words are also energy and have an effect on the energy around. You can read more about the meaning of white here

The third colour I have used on the website is pink. Pink is my favourite colour and I will be choosing it a lot in my clothes and also on my website. It reminds me to love others, be considerate, have fun, keep things light and put my energy and creativity into the things that I’m passionate about and that bring me happiness. You can read more about the colour pink here: Notice where I put the colour pink on the website as it’ll unlock an invitation to have fun.

The website itself is also a reflecting space. It is inviting your energy in while giving plenty of energy back. There will be hidden things in this website in time, which I invite you to look for. There are hidden things everywhere around if we take the time to look and perceive them.

Our human body is a vessel that energy moves through. The level of manifestation of the energy is dependent upon the vessel itself. There are ways to improve the condition of the body. I’ll be teaching some of these in the healing packages and workshops that I’ll be running soon.

I believe there is a connection of the energy and spirit too so this is also a spiritual journey for me, especially as this “awakening” was very spiritual and is what I have based the entire movement upon. We all have our own beliefs and just know that all beliefs are welcome.

For more information about energy, you might like to read this article: This article uses many different metaphors that have a lot of different meanings when you think of how they work. This website has been very helpful for me understanding myself and my unique energy and was the place I started to learn about energy:

All of these are underpinned by a belief and confirmation that I am enough and there is enough. If you would like to install this (and over-ride any other beliefs that are contrary), see my healing packages.

I invite you to share your thoughts (but not too much, hence saying less) so that we can all understand the mystery of the energy by sending an email or leaving a comment.

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