Katerina Roy

This month I interviewed my dear friend Katerina Roy. Katerina is an artist and spiritual guide/mentor currently residing in Maui, Hawaii. I admire this lady so much and am grateful for her friendship and the many discussions we have together, growing and learning. I also really love how true, authentic and open she is.


Katerina explained how art started as therapy for her, a release during a difficult upbringing but something that has become very spiritual and at times inspiring and healing.

“Through sharing my vulnerability, I actually become very strong… No-one can have anything over you if you share first. If you stand proud and you are okay with who you are.”

Although Katerina says that she doesn’t identify as a feminist, many of her paintings have quite a focus on women and people in general. She explains that painting people is something she really enjoys as she feels there is more connection as people can identify more deeply with other people.

“I’ve painted my way out of my internal struggles with body image issues. And I’ve painted my way out of my own hatred of my body.. I think by being able to portray and share that to the world is like saying “I’m proud of my female form and I don’t need to feel ashamed of this body anymore.”

For the full interview including discussions on overcoming self-criticism and fear, to finding a way to share such intimate details and life “snap shots” through her art and website, click the full interview below (watch for the special guest at the end) or head to Katerina’s website katerinaroy.com

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