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Originally I started this website with the name “KnowmoresayLESS” (emphasis on the less for the purpose of this article only). The idea being to KNOW ourselves more intimately, align with our true selves, our values and to put LESS energy into things that don’t line up with our true selves. Things that are not authentic. Those things may include doing things for the approval of other people, or buying things that we don’t necessary want or need.

This notion of “less” made a lot of sense to me. I had been raised on “less”, watching every penny that we spent and ensuring that we were not being wasteful. I learnt so much about gratitude and the value in the many beautiful things that money can’t buy. This discipline of living on less has served me in many ways especially when my husband and I moved interstate with our children, selling our home and leaving all of our friends and family to start a new life. With me only working a couple of days a week, my husband unemployed and two girls to raise, we knew what it was like to make sacrifices and live on less (especially as it took some time for our house to sell so we were paying rent and mortgage at the same time!). Those were tough times. But soon enough, my husband found work and we began to enjoy our lives a bit more, without the stress of a mortgage.

In August 2016, after much self exploration and healing on myself, I had a revelation. I really understood myself and how much of myself I gave to others, adapting even the really important values to fit in with other people and especially, to get other’s approval. I made a stand for myself and I did a massive detox, selling 90% of my wardrobe and evaluating my relationships, my job and everything that meant anything to me. Soon after, my husband and I decided to separate so I moved into my own apartment, again getting rid of almost everything and just taking the bare basics. In my haven of space, I found that having less stuff meant having less to maintain, to clean and to look after, which gave me more time to know myself and to say YES to doing the things that I cared about, fun things, helping others and looking after myself. Though having less has served me, within the last few months I have been struggling with the website name “knowmoresayLESS” as I felt it was negative and focused on lack. I want to enjoy my life and actually do MORE of the things that I love doing. I felt that others want that too.

So this weekend I have changed the website to “knowmoresayYES”! As a movement towards more authenticity, to knowing ourselves, to listening to the desires of our heart and to to saying YES to the things that light us up inside. To say YES to things that align with our values and who we want to be as a person. It is as we go towards those things that we begin to see more things about ourselves to change so that we can be who we know we are deep down. Naturally, when doing the right things, when saying YES, the other things that are in conflict with our authentic selves will show up for us and that’s when we can make some choices about letting those things go.

Here’s my announcement that I did as a Facebook live about the changes if you’d like to hear more. If you want to join the movement towards knowmoresayyes, get in touch here , Facebook, or Instagram or if you’re local, join me in doing some fun events.


From less to more 😃
My little testimony of why i’m changing my business name..

Posted by Knowmoresayyes on Friday, January 12, 2018

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