New moon 2017

It is no secret that 2016 was the year of endings. This seemed to show up in a really big way for me in December and we did a fire ceremony on the last full moon as a way to really release a lot of the things that we wanted to leave behind from 2016 and before. All of this releasing has made way for the new and now, January 27 and 28 is the first new moon of 2017. Particularly auspicious as it is my Step-daughter’s 18th birthday but also because the year 2017 according to numerology represents new beginnings (2+0+1+7 = 10; 1+0 = 1. 1 = New beginnings). So January, the Aquarius, is about thinking bigger, starting fresh, finding new ways of doing things. This week you may have experienced an Echo (or many echoes). This is a term Brashar termed which is basically like a repeat of the old pattern that gives you an opportunity to make different choices in how to respond. To respond out of love and understanding, empathy, rather than anger, hurt and defensiveness. This week we witnessed the Woman’s March, a feminist movement fighting for equality amongst men and women. This was a reflection to me of the past and how far we have come. Australia Day/Invasion Day- another reflection of the past. Something that has happened and the many opportunities we have to respond differently. Thank you to all who brought our attention to these and who continue to light the way for more change and action; whether via attending protests, doing art, music, writing articles, posting photos or by their Facebook statuses. I am appreciative of the action you have taken. On a personal note for me, some old habits resurfaced when returning to our home towns this week and some of our friends have been sharing some things coming up for them too. These are showing up to show you that these are old patterns and you can now give these to rest and be reborn into a new life, the life of your choosing. Take this as an opportunity to think big! And then bigger! The new moon’s energies are subtle, so you can use this time to make small, subtle changes, that are still very significant and will lead to greater things in time. Start in motion the life you choose. Start with your thoughts, mindfulness, affirmations. There has been so much oppression in our history, so much pain and suffering that has really resurfaced this week. The echoes show up to show you these patterns and allow you to release yourself and open yourself up to possibilities for new beginnings.

It has been an emotional week for so many that I have come in contact with! The sign of the Aquarius is water. Water is symbolic of emotions so it’s not surprising. Allow the energy to scoop up your emotions and hold a space for them, to carry your emotions so that you can understand and process them. Issues regarding humanity are really showing themselves. This is typical of the Aquarius. Again, we learn from the planets in this that the cycle of death is over and now we are in the rebirth. What do you want to birth?

If you would like to (and feel lead to), spend some time visualising the kind of life you would like. Take as long as you need to really feel what it would be like to live the life you have dreamed. What would be different? How would you feel? Then pick some words that summarise the feelings you want to have and write each feeling word on a piece of paper. Then, put the words into a bowl of water outside and while stirring the bowl, say some affirmations like “I am noticing myself experiencing (insert said words from visualisation). I am welcoming more of (insert said words). I am creating more opportunities for (said words) to become a reality.” If you don’t like this one, write your own affirmation/intention. Leave the bowl over night and during the new moon and the next day, empty the bowl into the garden. Use crystals if you want to and keep those crystals out until the next full moon. And then feel free to comment back on here on how it went for you. I wish you much wholeness and healing and look forward to experiencing new things with you all this year.

Much love.

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