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The heart chakra (Anahata) is the centre of all the chakras with three chakras below and three above. It is where the spiritual and the physical meet and as you probably guessed, it is responsible for the giving and receiving of love. This weekend I had been stuck in my head and over-thinking. Opening my heart and receiving love shifted this for me. If the heart chakra is out of balance or there is a block of some sort, you may notice some of the following symptoms:

-Difficulty in relationships
-Feeling deprived of love or feeling guilty when receiving love (this can also include self-love)
-Having difficulty forgiving
-Feeling lonely or disconnected from others
-No interest in things
-Feeling judged or misunderstood
-Being critical
-Feeling suspicious or fearful around other people’s motives
-Physically- heart, lung or breathing problems, bronchitis, etc
-Excessive anger or resentment

Here are a few tips of things you can do to open your heart chakra so that you can give and receive love more freely:

Rose Quartz
At the moment, this is my favourite stone. I think it’s because it is the most beautiful colour- a pinkish/white stone which is so feminine, soft and compassionate. It is the stone for peace and love and the heart chakra. My weekend experience started by receiving this crystal as a gift.

Go Green
Green is the colour of the heart chakra. Surround yourself with green, whether in clothing, jewelery or things around your home. Green is also the colour for change, growth and transformation and as there is so much green in nature, it can help a lot to get outside into nature too. Surround yourself with green grass and beautiful green trees.

As the heart is all about air, deep breathing and meditation can help. As you take your breath in, imagine that your heart is green and is expanding as you breathe. Here is a very simple recording I did that you may find useful:


Give to others
A massive key to opening your heart is to give to others. Call a friend, invite someone over, do a random act of kindness. Do this to simply bless the other person.

Make the choice to receive
Life is all about balance and for many times, we just need to give ourselves permission to receive. A great affirmation for you to try could be: “My heart is open to receive and give freely to others”

This is a big one in opening the heart chakra as it is often unforgiveness that causes blocks in the heart chakra. If you feel that you are holding bitterness or resentment towards yourself or others, it is time for you to let that go. It can help for you to write a letter to the person or to yourself if you need to forgive yourself. You do not have to give it to them, in fact it may be more healing for you to dispose of it afterwards. I offer some Energy Healing sessions that help in the area of forgiveness too and probably need to do a post that is just about forgiveness at a later stage.

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