1. Ann

    Very good article Renae. I can relate to this as I am very sensitive myself and people often open up to me everywhere I go. I struggle with boundaries, however I am learning to set them. being a reflector causes me to take on someone else’s issues to deeply and causes health problems for me. I will be mindful of these tips and incorporate them into my life. Keep these great insights coming.

    • knowmoresayless

      Thanks Ann! Yes, I have also had burn out and gotten sick from worrying about other people’s stuff too. I hope these tips help you to keep that little bit of distance. And thank you for providing me with a reflecting space many times. Your gift is so valuable.

    • knowmoresayless

      You are welcome precious! Yes, I thought of you often when writing this. I think we have so much in common and I have a lot to learn from you! <3

  2. Dannielle Richmond

    Great article. I take on the “feelings” of people or situations very easily. I am ultra sensitive to negative emotions. I have to be very careful who I decide to spend my time with and for how long. Like you, I often have friends share their challenges and other situations with me and seek advice. I do have a few friends, as bad as it sounds, I have to limit my time with. They always have a lot of drama and victimization feelings and I just can’t handle it. I even have a challenging time watching the news, there is hardly anything positive reported. As bad as it may sound, I don’t know much about current affairs. So, some of the things you mention in your blog are great tips. Thanks so much Renae!

    • knowmoresayless

      All of these are great tips too Dannielle! Thank you! So helpful! I practice the same as you have mentioned here too. Self-care is so important but something that isn’t really encouraged in our culture unfortunately, though I hope this is changing 🙂

  3. Kim

    Wow Nae x
    I find it extremely hard to not take on peoples” stuff” , and my health & wellbeing suffers 🙁
    I found it blessing to read this, and I look forward to being able to take step back and say no!!
    My new goal, to learn how to be a better reflector ☺x☺

    • knowmoresayless

      Hey Kim 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement and thank you for giving your gift of reflecting. The world needs this so much though I know it can be a burden too and it’s tricky to manage. I have been there with the health issues… I will continue to provide more material on taking care of us which I hope can help in your growth too but would love tips from you guys too as I am still learning!!!

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