Solar Plexus Chakra

In my last post, I talked about “self”. I want to spend some time here though in briefly discussing chakras, and in particular, the Solar Plexus Chakra as this is the one that relates to the very issues discussed in my last post.

For those of you that don’t know what Chakras are, the word “Chakra” is translated in Sanskrit as the “Energy Vortex” as this is the centre where our energy or life force flows. There are 7 main chakras that are situated in the body and affect the operating of our bodies; including our thoughts and general health. When there is a symptom of any kind, it is because the chakras are not completely open and energy is not freely flowing through, due to a block of some sort. Many things cause blockages. In the work I do, there is a heavy focus on beliefs and the psychological aspect of blockages as that is my training and expertise and I have a special gift for that, so for me my healing will often go to my childhood to understand the beliefs and uproot them from where they started. Though there are many aspects to caring for our chakras and unblocking them. For example, each of the chakras have colours that are the same colours that we see in the rainbows (I love rainbows). So the one I am focusing on today (the Solar Plexus chakra) is situated in the middle of the body, around our tummy, approximately half way between our heart and naval and is the colour yellow 🙂 So, using colour, crystals, art. music and visualisations are the other methods that I quite enjoy and incorporate in the healing work as I feel guided to. As each of the chakras have colours which are at the same level of vibration as the energy of that chakra, you can use colours to really open and shift energy within that chakra. Unfortunately, I don’t own any clothing that is yellow, otherwise, I would be wearing yellow. But I do have the crystal called Citrine, so I have been carrying this around with me to communicate to my Solar Plexus chakra and to my self worth. I keep visualising the yellow from this crystal to be breathed into my Solar Plexus Chakra and fill it with up to the brim so that it’s overflowing.. I try to do this whenever I see anything yellow, imagining the colour emanating out of the object and going into my body. It’s an amazing way to open the chakras. If you are feeling similar, you might like to try or share other ways in the comments below.

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