1. Deni

    Great article Rae. Once upon a time I used to worry a lot about offending people and then I realised that when people gave me advice or pointed stuff out it was not because they were offended or displeased but because they had confidence to speak their mind. As it turned out, I was the one who was easily offended – as I couldn’t take or wasn’t used to hearing different ideas and opinions. Yep very confusing. Now I am older and have grown confidence and assertiveness I speak my mind knowing that if people disagree it comes from a place of confidence in sharing their thoughts/opinions not offence. This gives me an opportunity to learn something new or if I disagree I do it with confidence and offer them the same opportunity. The greatest opportunities we have are to expose ourselves to different views, opinions and critical thinking especially with friends. The key point is not just to have confidence in your own voice but also to have trust in your relationships.

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