The power of affirmations

When we “affirm” something, we are basically stating that that thing is true. Many of the Affirmations that we are all encouraged to say are positive like “I am my ideal weight” or “I am healthy” But what if we can clearly see that that’s just not true? And how can just saying it out loud actually change anything?

Ok, so I need to explain some of my beliefs first. I believe that in our truest expression of ourselves, we ARE healthy, whole, spiritual, divine, radiant.. This is in our pure form though I also believe that things in life happen that alter this reality, especially when we are young. We have an event of some sort and by using our understanding, we develop conclusions and beliefs. Some of these may align with the truth of who we are, but many do not. The ones that are not true are called “Psychological Reversals” and they put a block in our energy, so that the energy doesn’t flow in perfection anymore. We will then seek out things or create things/situations that confirm that energy back to us, reinforcing it and hard-wiring it further. So within our truest selves, we are all these positive things that we want to affirm, but our symptoms and our experience are telling us a different story. The Energy Therapy that I do works to unblock these beliefs so that the energy can flow more in line with our true energy. Saying affirmations can help and works in a couple of different ways too.

I also believe that everything is energy, with our mind being the most powerful in terms of creating and manifesting. The Universe will respond to whatever energetic vibration you are sending out so if you are sending out thoughts that you there is something wrong with you, the Universe will bring that to you and then some and you will begin to affirm that around you. So when you say things out loud, like the above mentioned examples, something that is true for us deep down, in our true energy, there is also a part of us that doesn’t believe this or believes something contrary (due to the realities but also because of a past belief about ourselves that we started to believe early on, being reinforced over time). This can cause a conflict and emotions and memories can come up as well as some thoughts. Some of the memories may be in line with the affirmation, but some will not be and the ones that are not in line are the more painful ones. Though uncomfortable and painful, saying the affirmation is revealing to you that there is some hurt there and it is the perfect opportunity to heal from these things or, stop doing the affirmations! If you choose to believe the affirmation and do some healing, this opens up opportunities thus making the affirmations more true! So affirmations can become a vision and intention of what we are becoming (or unbecoming!) too. An energetic message that you are sending out to the Universe, which will start creating that for you, attracting things that line up to those thoughts and affirmations.

The next thing that positive affirmations do can be explained by explaining the Reticular Activation System (RAS). The RAS is a system in our body that essentially acts like a filter, letting in things that are relevant and filtering out the rest. If we did not have this, we would be bombarded with an overwhelming amount of stimuli that we couldn’t focus and do the things we need to each day. The RAS decides what’s important and relevant and lets us notice those things, letting the others go outside of our awareness. You may have noticed the RAS when you have purchased a new car (or a friend has purchased a new car) and all of a sudden you notice this car everywhere. Or if you are attracted to a particular colour or a particular number and then you start seeing it everywhere! This car has not produced more of itself than before, and these numbers and colours haven’t magically read your mind and reproduced themselves, it’s just that your RAS is noticing them as it is now relevant to you. So going back to the examples earlier, if you have an affirmation of “I am healthy”, your RAS will start to notice things that will help you to become healthy, like an advertisement for a gym or a workshop on healthy eating, or it will notice the healthy food option when looking for a snack. These have always been there, but you are beginning to “notice” them. Unfortunately, the RAS works in the same way for negative thoughts and beliefs, so it is important to heal from those so that you can attract and “notice” more of the positive things, the things that line up with our true selves.

I would love to hear what your affirmations are. For now, here is the one that I have been focusing on:









“I am Radiant”
“You are Radiant”
“We are Radiant”

What does it mean to be “Radiant”? How does it change your view of others and the world by affirming that we are all radiant? Comment below to share your insights or send an email to For me, radiant is about being a shining light. It is also about having all of my chakras lit up (there are 7 chakras and the colours are each of the colours of the rainbow though the shop didn’t have Indigo and Violet so we used a bit of creative license to include my favourite colour pink). It helps me to “notice” (activating my RAS) the light in others, their positivity, their gifts.

Do you have any of your own affirmations? I would love to hear these also!

For more information on the Power of Affirmations, consider reading Louise L. Hay’s book “You can heal your life


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