What is Energy Therapy

Energy is everywhere and is part of everything including people. Those that manipulate these very subtle energies to facilitate balance, harmony and healing are performing Energy Therapy though there are many people that are working with energy without even knowing it!

There are different types of Energy Therapy, some which you may be more familiar with such as Reiki, kinesiology, reflexology or acupuncture. Though Energy Therapy or healing includes working with chakras, auras, crystals, colours or those working spirituality. Many Energy Therapists use a range of modalities depending on their theoretical training and understanding, their experience and also their intuition. My area of expertise is working with the energy relating to thoughts, behaviours and beliefs; clearing any energy that is blocked . Due to my training and experience, much of this is explored through hearing your story (counselling) and symptoms though I definitely use colours, chakras, meridian tapping and memory work so I’ll talk a little more about that here.

Ancient Eastern medicines have mapped where the energy flows through meridian points and chakras (energy vortexes) throughout the body with the basic understanding that energy blocked in a particular parts of the body can lead to various symptoms including not just physical dis-ease, but also emotional and psychological symptoms. Contrary to some understandings that thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are all within our brains, our emotional issues, trauma and beliefs are actually held in various places throughout our bodies and these influence our thoughts and beliefs so even though I start by understanding a person’s energy by asking questions and having discussions about their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, I also focus on the body through meridian tapping or other physical exercises to open and balance the chakras. I do not perform these on the client but teach them ways to do this on themselves. It is very intuitive. You are the vessel that energy flows through and that includes not just your physical body but also your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Emotional problems, beliefs and traumas are then unblocked and released from the body allowing the energy to run more freely, balanced and in alignment, providing the optimal environment for the body to heal itself and support you in being your truest self.

People come to Therapy with a whole range of symptoms. Some may be making goals but not be able to move forward, self-sabotaging, low self esteem or excessive guilt, lacking in confidence in their work, parenting or in the decisions they make, attracting certain types of people, people-pleasing, or other relationship difficulties. These issues can be related to physical symptoms in the body too and during Therapy, we simply use the “symptom” as information to understand how the energy is running in the body to uncover the beliefs formed early in life. Then we connect with that belief, integrating and understanding it and then using some tapping to release and let it go. Now generally because the most dysfunctional patterns are formed younger in life and have been reinforced over and over by our experiences since then (thanks largely to the Reticular Activation System), once the energy is cleared, I teach some “maintenance” techniques so that you can reinforce the healthy beliefs, thoughts and behavior patterns that line up with your values and the person you choose to be now. At times, particularly under stress, our energy may revert back to the dysfunctional patterns though I will also teach you how to identify this and what to do to support your body back to the higher vibration.

It is my belief that when these energy blocks are cleared, the body can heal itself. The body knows what it needs and if you feel drawn to working with me (or another Energy Therapist), it is your body’s way of getting the help it needs to move forward, grow and reach a more optimal level of energetic vibration. The higher our vibration, the more in alignment we are, the more we “flow” in life. We create the life that lines up with what we truly value, attracting what we need to achieve those things and overcome any fears and obstacles in our way.

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